Damed it you do, damned if you don't

In the same Olympic games we get 8 of the world’s best female badminton players disqualifed for losing on purpose and 12 of the world’s best male basketball players criticized for winning by too much. Go figure.

They just killed them

I think team USA basketball was accused of trying to run up the score on purpose - they scored 153 points, but Nigeria managed to score 73 points on them. I don’t think USA was playing much defense. I think high scoring games are fun to watch, so personally, no problem with this of course.

The US men’s basketball team is too successful and breeds inequality among Olympic basketball teams. The sport would be better served if a series of progessively punitive actions were taken against the US to redistribute the wealth of talent. If they go up by 5 points, they all have to play with their shoes untied. At 10 points, it would go to 4-on-5. And if they manage to go up by 20 Kobe would switch sides and Mello would be forced to nap. The last place team would get the gold so they could sell it and buy better players for Rio. The first place team would get Whooping Cough.

Paid for by the Yes You Can Super PAC.

Too funny Sweep.

The only problem I have is that they shot 46 3-pointers. They shot a much higher percent than anyone could reasonably expect, but how hard is it to get an inch inside the line before you shoot.

I would watch this event