Damn Fires!!!

I was rudely interrupted last night while studying to be told to evacuate my house due to the fires in Santa Barbara. I dont have time to deal with this. Luckily my house was spared last night but the outlook for tonight does not look so good. I wonder if CFAI will send me a new set of books if my house burns down. I didnt have time to grab them and the police wont let me anywhere near my house.

They might, but you know, it’s more important that you make it than your books. A couple of text books can always be replace (albeit at a cost) but a life… no…

i know. I actually meant to post this in the level 1 forum. my test is less than a month away!!!

The good thing is that you mistakenly posted in the Level II forum. It seems to be a massive fire; read about it in my local morning paper (in Europe) this morning. Seems to be worst in Montecito. Since you’re on Level I now, there’s a good chance someone in the Level II forum is now sitting on a spare set of Level I books and can lend them to you for the time that is left, or even donate the books. I didn’t take Level I this June but in 2007 so my books are too old. Suggestion: Post your e.mail here so you at least can hear from someone who might have a spare set of books to lend you…

If you dont mind, Please post your email or mailing address, good folks here might send you material.

Good folks will definately send you material to assist in your hour(s) of need… Then there will be folks who will see free stuff being sent…they will be obliged to attach their email to the list…then there will be more folks browsing along and seeing free stuff being offered and they will not be able to resist adding their name to the list… we know the end of this story…153 pages of emails (spamsters email miners dream come true)…and nobody really sure of whats on offer… the moral of the story…I hate fires.