Damn im confused!

I don’t know whether i should solve tests, keep reading again and again, or just solve questions randomly!!! currently im doing a mixture of all of these!!! what are u guys doing…?

I can’t sit down and read anymore. Solving practice tests and trying to answer/post questions on AF.

I am finishing up my review of PM tonight and then onto tests, and random questions until the test. Reviewing specific sections when necessary.

I am taking mock/practice exams, usually only 60 questions. Then I spend a lot of time on reviewing the answers, opening the books (Schweser and CFAI also) and when I realize I was weak on a subject, I review this subject thoroughly Once I am done with the correction, I take another one I try to switch from one source to another: - I did the first 2 full tests on Schweser Book 6 - I took book 7 1 AM - I took the CFAI samples - I print a couple of Qbanks from time to time - tonight I do the 96 questions from 2006 - I took BSAS too the good thing with that is that your knowledge is tested in very different ways, and you see easily where are your weaknesses Hope that helps

Flash cards, tests, review schweser books, qbank questions on weaker subjects…basically everything.

I seem to be forgetting many important points when i just work questions. i had to switch to revision. I am waiting for the BSAS. Using cfa material alot gives you a good background does not help much with retention. Schweser is more to the point

I have been using Schweser book 6 as my ‘question bank’. I usually have to do them open book and that way pick up on other things as I look up the answer!