Damn it

My wife’s parents missed their flight to come visit us for a week. However, they were somehow able to board another flight that left one hour later…

Wow a whole week? Lucky you.

Treat them well and you should be rewarded accordingly XD.

What a mix of emotions. From dissapointment that they were coming, to excitement that they missed their flight to anger that they boarded another flight. Don’t forget to laugh at your father in law’s jokes, you know the same ones he always repeats when he sees you.

This is the one where Mrs. Ohai’s parents get there, and they act like a bunch of racist homophobes. But then, Ohai is at the bar with the FIL when it comes out that he’s a closeted gay that still secretly has the hots for his old, black military buddy who only lives a couple hours away.

It must be something living in a different town than the in laws. I can’t comprehend just what that would be like… other than one less babysitter.

^ My inlaws live on another continent. I get the pleasure of spending 3-4 straight weeks with them every other year.

My mother-in-law has a habit of buying us furniture when she’s in town. She and my wife will go out and come home with a couch or something. I’m always like, “we don’t need a new couch nor do we have room for another one.” Then they spend the next several hours rearranging my living room.

See, I think I’d rather spend a dinner every couple weeks with them instead of 3-4 weeks straight. Did a 10 day trip once and nearly lost my mind. Perhaps having in-laws nearby is advantageous. Plus, like I said, endless free babysitting.

^ I actually don’t mind the trip, as my inlaws are pretty cool. Also, my MIL doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak Spanish, so it keeps conversation to a minimum. I also take over my FIL’s home office while I’m there and work at least 1/2 the time.

One time, my wife planned a road trip with not only her parents, but uncle, aunt, and some of their kids who are much younger than us. We are all supposed to sit in this big SUV and drive all over some mountain for days. I said maybe it’s better to take two cars, but of course I got rejected. By the end, I was losing my shit (which is very rare, because I otherwise almost never get mad).

To be fair, they usually treat me quite well (old people like me, for some reason). Sometimes, it’s just too much though.