Damn this financial modlling seems tougher than CFA Exams

Fed up of financial modelling grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

No define syllabus , methodilogy to learn . Not happy with edupristine cours which i attended

CFA exams atleast i knew what to do and how to bell it

This modelling is costing me all my intrviews :frowning:

ANy tips how to learn financial modlling for a beginner like me

Buy the book “Financial Modeling” by Simon Benninga. Deal Maven, Wall Street Prep, Kesdee, Euromoney all had modeling courses. Modeling isn’t that difficult, it’s just finance and excel. If you can understand finance formulae and excel you can model. Also youtube and www.bionicturtle.com have modeling tutorials.

I suggest Bionicturtle too. David Harper is just brilliant!

Edupristine angry

I am seeing example in book for Simon Benninga.

So many values are wrongly calculated and also he is using circular refrencing ?

U have to use circular referencing in certain models. Not sure what errors u are speaking of. I did financial modeling for a big wall street bank when I was a research analyst, I’ve built models when I was in investment banking, I’ve built models for project financing as well as used excel to build my current company’s value at risk model. Benninga’s book is excellent.

There are also specific books u can get for whatever type of model u need to build, whether it’s M&A or corporate finance or forecasting or risk management.

Thanks spranga :slight_smile:

Some mistakes like in B/S intially they take other assets and then in modellling they break up into investments and other assets