Danny Hecker

I heard he was pals with Tom Petters. The saying in MN is there are @ssholes, and then there is Danny Hecker http://wcco.com/local/denny.hecker.raid.2.1048076.html IRS, DEA Raid Several Denny Hecker Locations Reporting James Schugel ST. LOUIS PARK, Minn. (WCCO) ― Agents are raiding several of Denny Hecker’s properties, searching for evidence the fallen automotive mogul was not paying taxes to the state of Minnesota and not paying off loans. Agents from the Minnesota State Patrol, the Drug Enforcement Agency, the Internal Revenue Service and several law enforcement agencies are executing search warrants at Hecker’s main real estate complex in St. Louis Park at Highway 169 and Interstate 394. The entire building is taped off and agents are looking at financial documents and are removing files and computers from the building. Several dealerships, including Southview Chevrolet in Inver Grove Heights, are also being raided. Hecker’s attorney, Marsh Halberg, said the raids come as a “complete surprise.” Halberg said Hecker is inside the St. Louis Park building and he and his employees are cooperating with law enforcement and are providing them with necessary passwords and other information. Halberg said Hecker has not been arrested, but said he didn’t know if Hecker eventually would be arrested. Agents are also searching several cars in the parking lot at the St. Louis Park building. Search warrants are being executed at Hecker’s three homes as well. Two of those homes are in the Twin Cities and one is in northern Minnesota. The raids stem from allegations that Hecker, 56, was not paying the state of Minnesota the sales tax on license plates, titles, registration and other fees the state charges. He’s also accused of not paying off old loans he acquired from customers when they bought new cars. The raids are the product of an investigation that has been ongoing for several months. State Patrol Col. Mark Dunaski told reporters Wednesday that dozens of customers have reported that they never received the titles or license plates for the vehicles they bought. They’ve also said they traded-in vehicles and later learned from their lenders that the liens were never paid off. Hecker filed for personal bankruptcy protection on June 4, saying he owes up to $1 billion to 1,000 creditors. So far, 95 of those creditors are listed in court documents, including the Bellagio and Mirage hotel-casinos in Las Vegas, the city of Aspen, Colo., Royal Jewelers and his business attorneys. Hecker’s largest creditors are expected to be auto finance companies. Hecker was one of Minnesota’s largest car dealers, but with the economic downturn, he has shuttered or sold 25 of his 26 dealerships. Stay with WCCO.COM and WCCO-TV for more on this developing story.

Pretty sure his name is Denny

Doh! My mistake!

I wasn’t that surprised, just based on all the commercials about “Denny Hecker Financing” it seemed like sooner or later it’d catch up with him…Since when did having $1 and a job mean you should get financing for a new car?

artvandalay Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > when did having $1 and a job mean you > should get financing for a new car? Better than getting a mortgage with $0 & no job.

buyicide Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > artvandalay Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > when did having $1 and a job mean you > > should get financing for a new car? > > Better than getting a mortgage with $0 & no job. Touche…

This guy was a massive toolbag. The reason why dealerships are known as Stealerships is because people like Hecker.