Dark Knight Rises 97% on Rotten Tomato


What what?? 28 good reviews, 1 bad review. Who is that one guy? Fuck that guy!


Wow, that’s very high. Could they really go 3 for 3 on this?

Read the reviews. Sounds freaking epic.

epic letdown? - associated press review


What’s amazing is that these movies haven’t captured my imagination one bit, unlike the 90’s Tim Burton ones. But yes, they’re still gritty and awesome in a different way.

you can’t capture what doesn’t exist …j/k :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, yes great point dvictr. Lets take one negative review and totally ignore the 22 to 1 postive professional reviews agregated by Rotten Tomatoes.

I recently learned that Game of Thrones Joffrey is in Batman Begins. He is the little kid who meets Batman on the fire escape. I think I must rewatch that movie now.

But even at the end, the guy admits that it’s only a letdown because he had extraordinarily high expectations.

livestream anyone?


It’s a she and her track record sucks:


I go to maybe one or two movies a year and just saw the new Spiderman movie in 3D. Ticket was $15. Big reclining vinyl seats, it was pretty amazing…

i’m going this weekend fellas…its going to be awesome…that guy with the mask over his face is scary…

Oh!! I know the answer!! It’s called: Confirmation Bias.

So based on the premise of the movie, Batman has not been doing anything for eight years following the events of the second movie?