data scientist to portfolio manager

Hi, I’m curious for the analysts here how did you make the transition to portfolio manager? Its generally pretty hard to carve out a track record while working for someone else. I’m also interested to see if there’s a possibility of following a similar path to portfolio manager starting from a data science position on a fund?

I think this would be a relatively doable move but you’d have to find either an assistant PM role where you’d be doing quantitative portfolio analysis or a quant analyst role and then move from there. Or you could work as some form of a portfolio analyst and try to weasel your way in.

Hmmm, interesting take. I’m actually trying to decide between pure quant roles and joining a L/S fund in a sector that I really like, and think fundamental analysts have an edge. However, I haven’t actually seen L/S funds that look for a quant analyst; mostly I’ve seen funds / pods recruiting for sector specific data scientists. Are these the same roles you’re referring to?