Dating, CFA III and Starting CPA

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  1. I think you’ve mistaken this forum for a dating forum? 2. It always boggles my mind how some people can be so delusional to the signs/actions of disinterest.

My recommendation is to buy a credit default swap on this relationship.

Instead of discussing reltationship between delta, gamma, they want to discuss relationship between Level III candidate and his partner. So shameful! This is why I say that we should make this forum great again!

This would probably do better in the Water Cooler section.

Sounds like way too much variance for such little return in this joker. And women don’t even have the luxury of the long term, multi-stage time horizon when it comes to dating, what with the whole biological…stuff… and all. Abort. Abort.

Sounds like you got a lot going for you, don’t waste any more time having your nerves racked by this dude. Or just ghost yourself and see what happens. But I’ll be brutally honest with you, studying takes up a lot of time in addition to working, but it doesn’t take up *that* much time where you can’t even communicate with people.

Ah I see you deleted your entire post. Alcohol is a hell of a drug.

i think she has a celebrity personality (impetuous and anxious), and was concerned by her date’s individualist (confident and methodical) investor profile.