Dating within the company

Is just about the stupidest idea anyone could ever freaking have right?

Even if it was two totally different departments?

It is really, really stupid.

With that said, I’ve done it or tried at almost every company I’ve ever worked at and even asked girls from HR out.

is it different if she asked me out?

Don’t recall being asked out any of those times so I don’t know, playboy haha

Is this the Peruvian girl again???

Why you making stuff up bro. No one want to date you.

i’ve had sex with 2 co workers. its not a good idea.

That’s not entirely true.

You should go for it – in the immortal words of Drake: you only live once.

If I were to be fired, then at least I still have my hot wheels collection.

just remember to cup the balls

Someone should message pokhim and get his input.

I’m going to stop going to your conferences if they all turn into orgies. I’m too old for this stuff.

Someone deleted my comment? Booo, I even put a ! in the “bad” word.

Deleting an entire comment for one bad word? What if itera still has mod powers and just messes with us by changing things and never commenting.

Boo. Boo erns.

S2000 has been stepping up the enforcement, not sure how I feel about that. BWYF got robbed of a punch line.

:+1: :grin:

I forgot this thread existed. Busy day…

inaooreciate your good advice. But I’m going to pull the millennial card on this one and say that I know better than all of you - and obviously follow my heart.

Inb4 op posts in the career section.

Nice! Tell him to use a lot of lube. Congrats on behalf of AF community.