I typically bring my date to a restaurant that I’m familiar with so I can sit and chat comfortably. I don’t usually bring up preparing/passing the exams unless the girl works in finance. But when I do, I typically get very positive results. Obviously no one cares if you’re studying for or passing L1/L2. But after L3 it becomes more interesting. What do you think? Do you mention it at your dates? Do you go on dates?

Didn’t know that. So I may also expect rich sexual life after getting chartered?

They never ask, so I never tell.


This has to be a joke.

invite her back to Netflix and Chill. 10 minutes in, take off your pants and ask if she wants to review statistics and check out your kurtosis report back to us how it went

By no means should you suggest that earning the designation or passing the exam makes you smarter (by the way that is against everything you have studied for so please don’t do it). It is the implication that you might be this goal-oriented, achievement-driven finance guy/girl that makes the conversation interesting and you worth exploring to your counterpart.

Don’t get unexpected inflation while on the date. Please get home and then put her in backwardation and get her to show you her box spread…whip out your upward sloping forward curve and go full blown active management on her. Don’t miss your liquidity requirement. If the mandate says long duration, don’t style drift. But if shes a band 6 or below, please ethically violate her. Next time find yourself a band 10 naked call girl (who hopefully won’t give you heteroskedasticity).

tell the girl all your test results came back positive, that’ll impress her.

May be the link between passed level 3 exam and more intense dating but probably there is not yet sufficient empirical researches. The best thing would be if 2016 L3 candidates try to prove it instead of spamming.:slight_smile:

There is some amazingly pathetic sexism here - you should check yourselves.

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Just another nonsense… wink don’t worry.


I use it to help me get out of dating

“Sorry I’m just so busy right now between work and studying for the CFA exams” combined with a hard ghost, usually pretty effective

This comment is so beat.

I enjoyed rorygilmore’s post.

The same can be achieved if she would decide for a monastery, if it’s the only issue?

hahahaha bless

itera and ramos win this thread.

Comment of the year right here

If you think that was good you guys should check out the Cobb Douglas thread from like 5 years ago. Freaking epic.