David Chase: Tony Soprano is/isnt DEAD

spoiler alert in the article…for the record i called it right!


What about Jon Snow?? Also, did the spinning top fall down or not??

The vox article this is based on was splashed all over the place. That article was full of a bunch of non-sense about Edgar Allen Poe poetry and such. At least this one gives a simple tl:dr version.

It doesn’t matter. Cobb found the “reality” he wanted and doesn’t care if it is real or not.

But the answer is…yes, it did fall down.

Stupid article from Vox. Study the last episode. It’s entirely clear what happened.

Study the entire last season - and most notably the last episode - the symbolism and foreshadowing and irony points to only one conclustion. One small example of many: Tony laying into the orange early in the last episode (remember how many orange scenes there were in the Godfather movie!?)

and what those orange scenes preceeded?

@JohnyMac I disagree on many fronts. It’s easy to fall into that trap of substituting symbolism for plot. I’d rather evaluate the final scene based on the plot and editing. The editing conveys the feeling that Tony is going to be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life, afraid that someone is going to kill him, even during happy family dinners. It’s not really that complicated. Anything more about symbolism, foreshadowing, irony, or all that bluster in the vox article about dreams is bullshit. What matters is what they show, not what is in the mind of the creator. If he fails to convey that the ending is all a dream, then that’s his fault.

To each his own JMH…you know what they say about opinions. Don’t refer to my argument as bullshit and not expect to be called out for your own.