Davika Ravinder case scenario

Correct answer is C. So basically, Ravinder is on Naivasha’s board of directors. At the same time, she manages portfolios that have Naivaiha’s shares in them. According to CFAI this is completely ok? No appearance of conflict of interest? What am I not understanding:

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I believe her attending these strategy meetings would lead to her possessing material non public information considering the fact she’s a fund manager.

The strategy meetings are strategy meetings for Staple, the investment firm. She is on Naivasha Cement’s board (but her full time employment is as an asset manager at Staple), so she can’t attend strategy meeting regarding Naivasha at her employer, the investment firm (Staple). But apparently she can manage portfolios that have Naivasha’s shares in them. To me, this seems to meet the criteria for ‘‘appearance of conflict of interest’’.

Just want to quickly add that BOD represent share holders. They both are on the same team vs the management, who are the agents

The agents hold strategy sessions which are considered MNP and therefore subject to black-out schedules

I want to know differing opinions