Day of Exam

Curious what the deal is with coats? can they or can they not be brought into the exam? Also, are folks bringing their lunch? if so, is there some sort of check location where someone will be keeping an eye on our stuff while we take the exam?

Short answer Yes. But check the CFAI site for the venue you will take the exam. They will say whether a room for personal items is available. Likewise the CFAI also does not claim any responsibility for loss or theft of your items. Caveat Emptor

Not sure about your answers but i dont think your allowed to bring coats. We can leave at the halfway point and grab a pint right? 2 hour break can’t expect us to stay

I imagine so man, it is December and winter for everyone in the northern hemisphere, they’ve been doing this for decades, I’m sure theirs some sort of plan.

Make sure you don’t have any pieces of paper or anything you can write on in your coat pockets

Cannot bring winter coats or bags, water, even pills (in some centers) or whatever into the exam hall. A room for belongings will be provided, but without check-in and no security other than a couple of volunteers. The 2 hours break is a myth: first that you don’t get to get out of the hall exactly when the session ends, and it looks like it is going to be crowded, second it takes time to get to your belongings, third you have to be inside the hall back for the second session sooner (say at least 10mins before it starts).

You get done with the morning session at 12. The exam ticket says arrive 1 hour before start time. Thus, 1 hour is allocated for food. Do yourself a favor and bring a lunch since the restaurants/fast food places will be packed in most areas.

wonder if hoodies are allowed

Chicago_Bull Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > wonder if hoodies are allowed Yup! I was representing my college during the June Exam. Dressed in layers to avoid being cold if that was the case.