Days in period - Interest rate cap (Reading 28 example 13)

Any quick way to calculate days in a period?

It seems time consuming to recollect if a month has 31st day or 30 days… also when its February, it has 28 days . If leap year, it has 29 days.

To include the starting day or end day is the question as well.

Reading 28 example 13 has this kind of data.

15th Jan to 12th April = 87 days

12th April to 14th July = 93 days

14th July to 16th October = 94 days

16th October to 14th January = 90 days.

Any pointers for such a question?


I think exam provides number of actual days. Text book problems and examples don’t.

I cannot imagine that they’d expect you to calculate the number of days. That’d be . . . stupid.

Thank you both. Such a relief.

My pleasure.

There is a way to do it on your BA II Plus calculator:

just in case…