Days off when a family member passes away

My grandfather passed away this afternoon. I know that my employer provides 3 days off in case a grandparent passes away. The thing is, my grandfather lived in another country and I won’t be able to attend the funeral. I’m not planning to take the full 3 days, but if I do not attend the funeral, is it still OK to take a day or 2 off?

Absolutely… you still need time to mourn and grieve whether you actually attend the funeral or not. Anybody who challenges you on that is a prick.

firstly, I am sorry to hear of your loss. personally, you need some time to connect with yourself and with your family by phone; I think you should take soem time off for yourself

I think you should take as many days off as you need. Agreed with what others have already stated. My condolences.

bereavement leave is whatever you want to do with it. They give you X # of days off, what you do with them is your business.

as many as you need to recuperate and get back to normal

Look at what North American society has turned us into. Awful.

TheAliMan Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Look at what North American society has turned us > into. Awful. I agree – despicable. About a year and a half ago, I had to attend the funeral of a dear friend of mine. The funeral was held on Sunday, two weeks after he had passed away in a scuba accident. The two weeks were needed so that his relatives from Asia could fly in and attend his funeral. I had to explain to my boss at the time that I would not be reachable on Sunday because of my friend’s passing. He actually asked me if my friend was really dead (?!). I was so confused by his ridiculous question I didn’t even know what to say. I was thinking about taking it up with human resources and filing a harassment complaint, except I didn’t want to have to tell the story of my friend to anyone else. My only explanation for the manager’s insensitivity was that either he has was just that insensitive, or that he would have otherwise tried to make me work on Sunday (which I would have adamantly declined anyway since I don’t work for people I don’t like). At the end of the day, if anyone asked me a question like that again (or if anyone asks you something similar), I think it would be a fair resolution to punch that person in the face. Thus, take as much time as you need off from work.

Today I had been thinking why I feel anxious about sticking to this boring ass job…

How about sick days? If one is not sick, can he still add those days in his vacation?

No, for sick days you either have to be legitimately sick or you have to pretend to be sick. Best thing to do is that if you have sick days leftover and want to quit your job on short notice, use up all those days before handing in your resignation. I made the mistake of leaving four vacation days on the table when I quit my last job, and was not paid for not using them. What a rip.

Thanks numi, I really liked that post. I wouldn’t know how to deal with my manager saying something like that, and I can be hot-headed. Saying something that stupid would definitely trigger it. I noticed this sort of management behavior is much worse in the finance profession than in any other one. There are just too many expectations sometimes.

If it’s a friend passing you don’t get bereavement leave. That’s only for family. And if you don’t have vacation days left, chances are you won’t be allowed to take days off. And if you do have days left, they’re under no obligation to allow you to take those days, esp if it’s on short notice. However, making a comment like “is your friend really dead” is really being a dickhead. If the manager isn’t going to allow the days to be taken off, then just say no, and give a reason if there is one GENERALLY most managers are reasonable. If you’re not being allowed to use what you’re entitled to for no good reason, then you need to be questioning whether you want to continue working there or not.

The usual days offered is 5 days for parents, 1-2 days for sibling, uncles, grandfather and other relatives. I’m not sure how far down the line it goes.

I think it is perfectly acceptable to “plan” sick days. i.e. I will be gettin hammered at the DJ AM concert on Thursday and might not feel “up” to coming into work on Friday.

The policy some places are adopting of making all the sick/vacation/whatever days into one big pool is sweet. Here are 25 days/year, use them as sick or vacation or whatever. Nice for those of us who never get sick and feel ripped off. I would have had 5wks vacation/yr at my last job except I quit right as they were implementing this change.