DB, Trump, & Kushner


I wonder how much the democrats paid her to tell their story. Just like they paid to start fights at Trump rallies and who knows what else. Where’s this women work now? Is she barred from industry? Did she ever even work there? If she did, the timing of these leaks are suspicious. Fake news, no doubt.

Also, NYT is not a credible source for information regarding President Trump.

LOLz that’s all you got?

surprised no mention of HillDawg or #DeepState

They fake and stage everything, can’t be trusted. I’m curious who that woman was and who is paying her bills now. If I talked bad about another bank to the press, I’d be out the door. Who’s paying her? Maybe Crooked Hillary? Maybe deep state? Probably the same people who paid the Kavanaugh accusers.


Judge Jeanine: “Grab Your Popcorn,” The Deep State Is About To Be Exposed

Are we still supposed to #believeallwomen? or only the liberal ones?

Perhaps related… looks like shares of Deutsche Bank (DB) are trading at an all-time low on NYSE today.

Deutsche Bank Says Software to Detect Money Laundering Had a Bug


There was an article saying db overpaid for a lot of their teams when they wanted to expand to the us.