No, this is not my next AF handle when I get banned. I have to help screen candidates for a job and see DBA on several resumes.

To get it out of the way, the DBA is from a Hacksaw quality school.

What is the DBA and how does it compare to a PHD?

You mean this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doctor_of_Business_Administration ?

I always thought DBA was Database Administrator.

DBA? You mean doctorate in business administration?

Doctor_of_Business_Administration sounds like you freaking got a Ph.D in secretarial work

Forget what you actually learn, the title alone is hacksaw worthy

DBA is worse than Insert Name, MBA, CHS, KKLP, MPCH, CAIFF, AAICS.

I think the problem is that it’s like a Super MBA. Like - if you are going to do a degree in applied business, why are you hanging around studying how to apply things to business? So, from an outsider perspective, the DBA does not seem to add anything on top of the MBA, and it is not quite academic enough to be a PhD. Also, it sounds like DBAg.


lol the DBAg bit made me chuckle.

Good interview question? Do a phone interview and get them to sell you a DBA program lol

Both add Dr. to the name.

Since you are unfamiliar with GOOG, I’ll help you out.


I’ve googled it, but I can’t help feeling it’s a bunch of hype lol

Just from the Wikipedia entry and what others have said, it seems like it’s better than an MBA, but lower on the totem pole than a PhD.

FWIW–outside of being a professor, I really don’t know what the benefit of a PhD really is. Sounds like it’s a lot more theoretical hullabaloo than it is “real-life” application. So I actually might be more inclined to hire the DBA–all else equal, of course.

Seems like something consultancies would be into. More “practical” than a traditional Ph.D., yet more research/rigorous than the basic MBA.

I came to this thread thinking it was going to be similar to the sometimes humorous “CFA vs NFL / NBA” ones, since I think of DBA as “doing business as”

I left disappointed