DCF Model - Deprec & Amort schedule

Hi All,

First time posters on the Analyst Forum. Was a constant vistor during my CFA Level 1 studies and looking to have more involvement now im on to level 2.

I have started utilising some of the skills I learnt in my level 1 studies to create a DCF model for an Australian company i am invested in called Nearmap (ASX:NEA). It has been a gradual process over the last few months here and there, however im now trying to work my head around creating a depreciaiton and amortisation schedule, with future forecasts.

Is anyone able to guide me on where I may find further information to do this? i do have a financial modeling text book and have signed up to “Training the street” valuation course which both touch on that topic, but its detail is limited.

Anyway i look forward to the challenging 8-9 months of study ahead and wish you all the best!

Cheers Keiran.