I was in Nica last week and let me tell all of you, this country has so much potential but a lot of work needs to be done. I was in San Juan del sur and the beaches were amazing, friendly people (even friendly working girls) and a great atmosphere. Could this area be cultivated like Costa Rica?

I lived/traveled in Nica for 5 months a few years ago, San Juan is a great place. Where did you stay? Apartment, hostel, pelican eyes?

I hope it never becomes like Costa Rica to be honest. CR is too touristy, I didn’t find the locals to be very friendly, and everything was much more expensive. I made some good friends down there who are locals, they would literally try to give me the shirt off their back – easily some of the nicest, most genuine people I’ve met.

Combine that with the prices, beaches, girls and surf and there’s not many places in the world I’d rather hangout.

I stayed at Mango Rosa and went to the neighboring beaches. Couldn’t agree with you more about the locals, they’re great, genuine people. Where did you stay?

I stayed at a hostel that’s no longer around called La Casa Feliz. A couple Canadian guys we became friends with owned it and they basically let us do whatever we wanted so it was pretty good. It was a small place (slept about 10-12) right near the base of Pelican Eyes.

I’m from Nica, born and raised in Managua. Awesome to hear you made the trip!

So many Americans flock to CR that it’s good to hear of someone actually coming to Nica. Some of the reaons for American going to CR are, in my opinion, valid such as better infrastructure, more tourist-friendly since there’s a greater prevalence of english speakers there. But then there’s the ridiculous ones such as safety and perhaps the most egregious, Nica’s anti-American culture (coudlnt be further from the truth).

To answer your questions, yes I think Nica can be turned into a CR (but I hope it doesnt!). We need better infrastructure, especially from the Managua-Rivas stretchway but we share the same topography with CR so you get pretty much the same experience as you would in CR except that it’s much less commercialzied and mainstream. I went to CR for spring break my senior year of highschool and couldnt believe just how Americanized it is. I guess it makes sense for American to go there if they want to try something new but still get a taste of home.

The Pellas Group recently started Mukul (Guacalito), an ultra-high end resort in Tola, so hopefully that drives enough traffic so that the scale is there for revamping infrastructure.

Where else did you go? Granada? Leon?

You mentioned San Juan. There’s a TON of virgin beaches in that area where alot of tourists go for surfing and camping. A buddy of mine works at Morgan’s Rock, en eco-friendly lodge in San Juan.

I’m glad to hear you had a good time man. If you’re ever thinking of going back and need some pointers, feel free to ask!

I would jog to most of the beaches so i cant recall the name(s). Furthermore, i would rent a kyack for $20 for the day and just go from beach to beach. I did surf (well attempt) at the beach with the resturant el taco loco.

As for other places, i was only there for a short time so i didnt have a chance to visit anywhere else.

I managed to check out a decent amount of the country I think: SJDS, Popoyo, Jiquilillo, Chinandego, Managua, Granada, Leon, Omatepe, Laguna de Apoyo, RIvas. I didn’t get out to the Corn Islands, but would have liked to.

Also would have liked to go to El Salvador, but couldn’t convince any of my friends to come with me and didn’t want to make it a solo mission.