What ever happened to Deadcat?

The last DC post: "p.p.s. very drunk. Think that breaks a CFA rule, no? Anyway, just gave my leaving speech. What are you meant to say? maybe we could do a thread on that? I just said thanks and made a train anology (people get on and people get off, but the train/company hurdles on regardless). Profound. Hidden my business-card hat from the CIO. He prob wouldn’t like that. More beer! " Can’t do better than that…

DC really helped me make a decision on the CFA. I haven’t forgotten these kind words; “Its not exactly climbing mount everest, or going to Iraq, its a bloody multiple choice exam!” Too Good! Posted by: DeadCat (IP Logged) Date: March 8, 2007 05:47AM My God! the level of indecision is painfull! Just ask yourself one question: Is portfolio management / investment analysis your career? Yes or no? If the answer is yes, then IMHO you’d be crazy not to do the CFA. Assuming you’re not a moron and that you can put 200 hours into study, then you should pass L1 will a degree of comfort. Now stop with all this cr*p. Set your mind on it. And get out there and do it. You could sit it THIS June if you wanted to. Its not exactly climbing mount everest, or going to Iraq, its a bloody multiple choice exam!

I also liked DC and would welcome him back.

I believe he posted about riding the tube in London drinking…or was that someone else, or just my imagination?

He got a job at a BB bank on the sell-side and is currently working himself to death (but loving it) :o) I also posted about the time i had a porno filmed at my flat… can’t believe you guys dont remember that…? Great to see the forums still going. Good luck to everyone who just sat an exam. I know its a lot of work, but both financially and career wise its been the best thing i ever did. After 6 years on the buyside, the CFA was what really moved my career to the next level - I hope it does the same for you all.

Oh look - another ghost haunting the place.

wow deadcat is back!

Fitting that you come back today:

Well, well. Welcome back for thed day DC. I remember the porno film post well. Heady days indeed. The artist formerly known as the Schmanalyst.