Dear AFers

As we await our results in 27.09 hours time ( as I write this) let me first wish all of you good luck for the results, for me AF has been my second home , most of the times I have made a complete fool of myself, sometimes it has been experience in itself reading posts by Joey, bchadwick et al. I may fail this and will re attempt it next year but the year 2008 was an experience in itself and hopefully i will try to learn from this and make the best use of it, and lets all ( including myself) remember that in the end of it it’s just a test, in life we might have to prepare for bigger failures than this so (if we fail) lets take this as a learning experience tooo for me the journey was as important as the destination itself. wishing all you guys & myself all the best equity_research_nds (PS: all those who got my old nick banned … Equity is Back !!! )

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And good luck to you equity!! This forum really is an eye-opener as to the calibre of individuals we are competing with from all over the world. Good luck to everyone else as well…

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