Dear all you Gen-X'rs

The pathetic lot of you who can’t run a 9 minute mile to save your life who have nothing better to do than tell millennials we can’t do anything for ourselves…

EFF you.

I run sub 3:30 marathons for fun.

Congrats on the abode, looks great!

Sweet, do your own HVAC next.

This work product looks like sh!t, man.

Nah I’m just kidding, looks good! Congrats. Of course, I would have just cut a check and shuffled some laborers in and out, but I know how you millennials are with your “authentic life experiences,” so I get it.

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:star_struck: :100: :ok_hand: :construction_worker_man: :european_castle:

How much money you save??? This looks pretty intense, the most I’ve ever done is the do it yourself desk and chair lol

with a crew of 3 illegals he could do that little wall in about a day and a half, internet says $6.42 per hour so total $6.42x12x3. $231 Saved, well done!

Little wall???

Bet you won’t say that to my face.

But Mexico was supposed to pay for the wall, not the other way around…

is it that easy to find illegals? i woudlnt even know the step 1 to this process. how do you even know these illegals are legit? waht if the illegals get hurt? can they sue me? also could you do this without approval from city. seems kinda scary!

I give it to you, it is a beautiful garden retaining wall

Digging the foundation did you use a shovel or a mini excavator?
man points only awarded for shovel

Thanks Brah. I’ve been dying to feel accepted by this group for a while now. And the only way I felt it was possible was by manual labor.

Truth be told, I used a shovel and a pickaxe. Was a EFFING BEE-ATCH too. 10 days of my life was wasted digging that trench.

did you regret it? like did you wish you just hired people to do it?

Nerdy - I live in the Denver University neighborhood. Do you have any idea how many hot chicks I got to smile at as they walked passed? I made really good friends with my neighbor throughought this process, learned a LOT, and got in somegood workouts. No, I don’t regret it.

you had me at hot chicks.