'Dear CFA Candidate, with less than 10 weeks until the exam'

Just got this email…10 weeks! *panic* No wonder I keep seeing so many other people with schweser notes on the train…

Apparently, they sent a “Welcome Back” email to people who failed the exam last year.

I’m on my second run through the textbooks. Although I feel like I really have a good grasp of the material on this second run. When I first read the pension and currency chapters of FRA, I felt like I only vaguely understood it, but now its pretty obvious and it feels simple. I’ll be cramming over the next 2 months.

I hate these emails they stress me out. I have my plan. I know when the exam is…you don’t need to remind me.

lol let me know if they announce anything important as I don’t have time to look at those emails.