Dear CFA Institute, I know you said scores won’t be out until tomorrow at 9am EST and all that. The thing is, I’d like to know my score now, instead of tomorrow. I’m ready a bit early, so please send my score to me immediately. If you prefer, I will tell no one that you were willing to make this exception for me. It will be our little secret. Much appreciated, Smarshy ps. Nice job with that whole “Link” thing

Dear Smarshy, We have reviewed your request for early release of your LII result. We are glad to inform you that your request will be granted if you agree to kill yourself right after receiving it. This is just a mere formality to ensure that our little secret is safe. As a sign of our generosity, we will leave the manner in which you terminate your life entirely up to you. Yours profitably, CFA Institute

I am laughing at the response :slight_smile: A good one :slight_smile:


Dear CFA Institute, Thank you for your reply dated 8/18/08. I’ve thought over your condition, and I agree to your terms, since it is more than likely that I would have taken that action anyway after seeing the results on Tuesday. Getting it all over with a day early just makes good sense. I’ll await the score, blade in hand. Smarshy

Dear CFAI,


MAILER-DAEMON (Mail Delivery System) Undeliverable e-mail response: The CFAI e-mail system is currently down because the same server that allows candidates to access exam registration links also controls our e-mail access. CFAI will receive your e-mail approximately 12:00 PM Easter, 8/19/08. If this information is time you are screwed.

i LOVE the “yours profitably” signature