Dear Chad-A thought

Hey buddy what’s up? Well as you can see I have graduated to Level III and still really enjoy the site. If you are wondering I still keep in touch with the splinter cell that was AFOT, they are all doing well and send their regards. Since I am on now on level III I wanted to make a suggestion. It seems a lot of Level III “Graduates” if you will, will inevitably remain on the Level III forum to discuss things such as dues, and using the letters and all the fun Magical stuff that makes all of this worth while. While it is great to see everyone succeed it also makes the LIII thread cluttered for people looking for exam questions. Just a thought Maybe making another Forum “Post level III” for the discussion of CFA letter use dues, and alike. If not, no big deal. Hope all is going well Mr.Good.Guy

Excellent idea, a Post Lvl 3 forum will make things easier for us, Lvl 3 candidates.

A better idea - how about bringing back off-topic? For old times sake! Maybe it can just be more limited somehow if it was getting out of control?

yeah…i kinda liked OT. besides, what’s up with “hook up”? as far as i am concerned, our workplace is rated PG and i don’t think i’d be caught dead looking at that section of this forum.

How about a section where we can share ebay links, nudey picts and political rants?

+1 vote for a post L3 forum

+1 vote for virgin’s idea.

Turkish Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > +1 vote for virgin’s idea. which part?? ebay link? political rants? I think Chad should ditch Hook Up and either bring back OT or take MGG’s idea of Post L3.

nudie pics and political rants…I’m finished with e-bay.