Dear Cynthia Francine Arnold

Dear Cynthia Francine Arnold: I received your package in the mail today - that was a nice gesture. I know we haven’t been talking the last little while, but I want you to know that I still think of you daily. We always said we’d be honest with each other, so I have a confession to make: since we we decided to take a break last June, I have been casually seeing girls in other cities. My friends have told me that you have been seeing other guys - don’t worry, that’s fine with me. I just want you to know that none of those girls compared to you. I am truly lucky and blessed to have met such a great girl like you, Cynthia. You are intelligent, pretty, and always full of words (and formulas). I hope that when I arrive back in town in the next few months, we’ll have the chance to reunite. I don’t want to push you, and I’ll understand if you haven’t changed your mind about us, but it hurts me being without you. With Love, TheAliMan


r u serious? u should be studying…

Dude what did she send you in the mail? That’s sick.

Let me guess, she sent you 5 textbooks focusing on in-depth portfolio management?


Oh. C ynthia F rancine A rnold Hah… for a minute, I was like, “wtf”? Dude, go study, or go watch porn or something. Anything.

: )

hahahah nice, I figured it was talking about CFA, but didn’t put two and two together until Mister Walrus. I thought it was author of one of the sections or something at first haha


Nice. I’m sure she’ll come around and forgive you eventually. Especially when you commit Jan.-Jun. just to her.

Cynthia Francine Arnold you are a cruel misstress, but I must say I can’t help but keep coming back. You smell is intoxicating; the sweet aroma of coated paper and cheap binding glue brings back a flood of memories. The postcards in the mail remind me of our times together and the times ahead. I can’t help but wonder, Cynthia Francine Arnold, why you and I continue along this collision course. I hope some day we will be at peace and we can laugh about all this.

Classic! Keep it coming Ali

Dear Cynthia: I will see you next June and prepared to be destroyed like your two little sisters. Love

$tarving_Banker Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Dear Cynthia: > > I will see you next June and prepared to be > destroyed like your two little sisters. > > Love Why…

Enjoy you’re next xx month’s of study. There will be no more entertaining post over the next few months once you start reading the CFAI texts. Of course there will be the heros who will state they only read Schweser - good luck you great guys/girls. Don’t believe everything you read on this blog about minimal hours. You have to put the work in otherwise you will fail. FACT. Level III , whilst having the least reading material, is without doubt the hardest to pass.

Read the books.

Hahaha Just got the joke, sorry bro.

This was brilliant Ali Man.

Masterpiece… Nice job Aliman