Dear friends i need your adive

Hey guys i have a question about a career path and i would like to get your opinion. I know this forum is only for questions and answers about the exam but i really wanted your opinion if you can give one. I graduated last year with a bachelor in Finance. I started working full time as wealth management assistant in a small local firm. Most of my routine is to assist financial advisors with portfolio analysis. by saying portfolio analysis i meant using a financial software and putting the holdings and software does the analysis. I also do some basic statistical analysis. I am going for CFA program. I wanted to be an equity analyst or a a research analyst or maybe start as an analyst assistant to learn financial modeling first since i have no experience in that. So, do you think this experience at work plus CFA level 1 or 2 or 3 will help me land the job i wanted.

yes, i would strongly advise you to sign up… at the end of L3 I am sure you will be very satisfied where you end up…I and many others here have progressed quite nicely as a result of the program… But, to each their own.

yes, the CFA charter holds a lot of weight on the buy side