Dear Level 2 candidates

I wanted to know if schweser Qbank was a big help for you when you passed level1. I am planning on taking level 1, i do not have Qbank and i wanted to know if it is a must have. Thank you

Yeah it’s really convenient. You can definitely do without it but it make it EXTREMELY easy to self-test yourself at the end of an LOS or on a particluar topic.

don’t think of taking L1 without it in my opinion…

I couldn’t imagine taking it without it.

I found Q-bank very helpful.

I passed because of Qbank

Think about how much time you are going to spend studying for the test… Then think about how stupid you will feel if you fail because you didn’t spend enough time doing practice problems (ie Q-Bank). I found Q-Bank very helpful while studying for L1.

yup, go with the Qbank and secret sauce

Thank you guys for the input.

Keep in mind that you asked this question on a saturday night, so you have major surviorship bias…only nerds are still here at this point. :slight_smile: Anyway, q-bank is essential.

I used Passmaster for level-1 which had a good quality 2500 questions. But using Qbank for Level-2. So imagine if you are asked to do the mean, median, mode calculation 10 times question after question, minute after minute, button-press after button-press, will you forget it on the Exam. That’s QBank for you. I will rate it as a MUST have tool in the kitty if you have to nail this monster.

Thank you