Dear PE Dilberts

Dear hacksaw boutique PE firm,

Thank you for fking up the model of a target we are collectively looking to purchase. Really, it’s all good. I really like the royal sampler of fonts/sizes/style/colors and inconsistency of formulas across the different pages. And don’t worry about the linked workbook that is corrupted and broken; it’s totally a clerical error I presume. Have I mentioned how much I love circular errors too!

Really, it’s ok. Instead of visiting my barber, throwing weight around at the gym, hatin’ around on AF, and slaying dimes at ‘round midtown; I have to be M’n’A’in at the office until the wee Tuesday AM hours. Really, it’s ok, those things are not important anyway.

Please expect a very angry wakeup call tomorrow morning with the CEO conferenced in.



To those NYC AFers, keep your eyes open. There will certainly be a few openings in the PE space soon!

Will these openings be as big as Rahul Roy’s avatar?

Sorry to hear that man