Dear Senator, pull your head out for a second

Dear Senator, I am a taxpayer and a voter. Two years ago I bought some warrants on the toronto stock exchange. A brutal combination of deflation and illiquidity has caused the market price for these valuable assets to spiral lower and lower in an endless deflationary spiral. There is not a doubt in my mind that grave things will happen to the economy as this deflationary spiral of such quality assets continues; Thousands of jobs will be lost and pensions will be cut. A depression of epic proportions will likely ensue. I’m enclosing these warrants to be placed into the 800 gazillion mega fund that you are creating to help dispose of such illiquid frozen assets. These assets are of excellent quality but the market is just so illiquid and frozen that there is no market for them at a reasonable price. I paid .50 each for them and would like to get that back as soon as possible so I can use that capital for something equally stupid. Thanks, VirginCFAHooker