Debt fund manager

Hi, Can some one who knows firsthand, tell me what is the typical day like for a debt fund manager and what is needed to stay and succeed in the business. some pointers on specific job responsibilities will be helpful Thanks

What kind of fund? Mutual fund or RIA? Passive/Active? High grade/high yield? Short term/long term? Size? Domestic/global? The type of fund changes what is important but some general competencies are - Thorough understanding of macroeconomics, economic indicators Fixed income markets Bond concepts, duration, yield curve, convexity, optionality etc The inter-relationship of rates Credit analysis Modeling Synthetic debt and derivatives (CDS, IRS, futures etc) In low grade and foreign markers there are other competencies I’m not familiar with like - Capital structure, bankrupcty law, restructuring, mezzanine finance Cash flow modeling Analyzing sovereign credit Exchange rate and hedging