Dec '08 exam - Can I use June '08 manual to start out?

I’m planning to sit for Dec '08 and just wondering if I could just go ahead and buy study m anuals for June '08 and start studying. Are there usually lots of updates and changes between June and December sittings? Is this the right Schweser manual for June '08? Thank you!!!

For Level I - materials are changed only for the June exam. So go ahead and start early !!! with the June material for 2008.

peony, the study materials and LOS for June and December 2008 will be exactly the same. The exams, of course, will be different. You can get started. And yes, that appears to be 2008 material from Schweser. Recall that you’ll automatically be receiving the official CFAI volumes when you register for the exam (which you should be able to do in late January). It may be worth reviewing these volumes before deciding whether to also buy Schweser products. Afterall, you’ve got a great deal of time to make this decision.

Thank you so much for your replies, cpk123 and hiredguns1!!!

Hi guys, I have one more question. Schweser advertises that I get 10% discount if I get a “Preminum Solution” by 10/31, which is tomorrow. Do I need all those they listed under “Preminum Solution”? Or I better off buying ones that I really need separately? Thanks again so much!