Dec 08 Pass Rate

So what do you think the pass rate will be this time around?.. 35%?

More importantly, which category would you be? The 35% or 65%?

Does anyone know what the pass rate is for 1st timer overall??

I am sure I read before something like 25%…not that I have had that weighing on my mind during the darker points of studying or anything!

I heard everyone will fail.

pass rate in June was 31% i tihnk

June 08 pass rate was 35%. There are so many variables involved, you really can’t predict what the pass rate is. Depends on how many folks are repeat test takers, how many people actually sit for it, and how hard the actual exam is deemed to be by the graders.

I took it in June and it wasn’t that hight, it was more like 32% casue I almost shat myself when I saw it

overall first try for all was 18%

18% …thts low…

it’s well documented that the june pass rate was 35%. it cant really be debated…that’s was cfai said it was… don’t know anything about the first try pass rate, however

nyccfa001 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > overall first try for all was 18% This is almost certainly not true and is not a number disclosed by CFAI (or maybe even computed by them). I’m sure that the score variability is higher for first-timers than for the entire group - there are people who are absolutely certain to pass on their first time and people you just can’t believe signed up for the program. Most of both groups are eliminated by the second try.

Took last June, went in with nothing more than Econs, FSA and Quanz. Band 1. Pathetic. This time round I am out to salvage my pride…

Band 1! Wow - the first one I know.

JoeyDVivre Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Band 1! Wow - the first one I know. Poor guy… Me too.

skylancer and CFA_2010 are going from LI, Fail Band 1 to LII candidates.

i heard there are quiet a number (maybe 5%) who dont even show up, in addition to the people that really didnt need to try - ie work paid for them but they had no interest in passing and no pressure. that might be another 5-10%. then there are the non-english speakers who are at a distinct disadvantage already. not saying that those low pass rates arent valid, but i does make you feel like there is some hope :slight_smile:

The pass rate of 35% doesn’t include no-shows. 25% of the people who sign up, don’t show. No hope there…