Dec 09 Strategy (veterans please chip in)

Dec 09 people and veterans, My plan is the following: Review material (read & take notes) for 20 weeks Ethics - 2 Quant - 2 Econ - 3 FRA - 5 CorpFin - 1 PortMgt - 1 Equity - 2 F.I. - 2 Deriv - 1 AltInv - 1 Total - 20 (finish 2nd week september) This leaves 2 months and 2 weeks to review and bang out questions and mocks Next week I start quant part 2 I read CFAI and Stalla as a side when CFAI is not clear, am doing CFAI examples and practice problems at end of chapters, end week I do the Stalla end of chapter questions Will create formula / cheat sheet for each section Will bang out all Qbank and possibly PassMaster if time permits, will do the 2 Scheweser mocks, 3 Stalla mocks, and all CFAI mocks (i think 3 total) I think this is a sound strategy, any suggestions or comments???

5/16/09 + 20 weeks (20x7) = 10/3/09 FYI

looks like a good plan . . . you’re starting pretty early which is always best if you can stick with it and not burnout

looks good. Are we allowed to refer any notes or formula sheets during the test?

no - but don’t worry about the formulas learn the concepts and the formulas will come

vpatel9 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > looks good. Are we allowed to refer any notes or > formula sheets during the test? Yes, you are allowed a sided sheet of notes in blue or black ink. The CFAI does not allow any other color of ink since they have done numerous studies that have found that it distracts other candidates that are sitting near you

I am preparing for June ,however i think it is crucial that u cover all passmaster along with the readings . FI will need 3 weeks Quant will need 3 weeks take PM after quant . except for ethics i suggest depend only on stalla .

phillip i started three weeks ago guys thanks for the advice I am doing like 4 hours everyday (more on weekend if needed) so I can def cover quant in 2 weeks