Dec 2007 Competition-CFA

Number of people enrolled to sit for Dec 2007 partial list New York 5700 Chicago 1800 London 4700 Hong kong 5000 LOS -1100 Beijing -2300 Toronto -2600 … (Source :

hmmm i wonder how many are enrolled for the Sydney exam…

Seattle-Tacoma: 350…guess I don’t need to buy those earplugs afterall…

where’s bostonon the list? i think there’s 1400 of us

5700 of us… that is going to be bad…

smeet. 25% wont show up. so its down to 4,275.

What about Atlanta?

Where did you find these? I’d like to see how many will be sitting in Miami…

exam ticket special instructions… somewhere around that page. ~5000 in San Mateo (San Francisco, CA, US). forgot the exact number.

1240 for San Francisco (San Mateo) actually.

so the passing rate is based on local enrollment? not global wise?

i know that is a global passing rate. maybe somebody can confirm.

And to think that maybe a quarter of those people will actually earn the designation.

really? i must hv remembered another site’s on accident… disptra Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > 1240 for San Francisco (San Mateo) actually.