Dec 2008 or June 2009

Hi, I failed June 2008 Level 1. I am trying to decide between Dec 2008 or June 2009 for next try. I know that the material is same and fees is a little lower for Dec 2008. Does anybody know if the same thing applies to June 2009 date? Thanks a lot, LRM

now you do not have to pay for the books again, if you signed up for the Dec 2008 exam. In June 2009, you have the new bunch of books to get, so your fees will be close to 200$ higher then. Right now – Level 1 - Dec 2008 is 468$ Level I - June 2009 - is 611$ (based on my L2 sign up cost). CP

Thanks… Do you think the material will be different? I just started a job. It does not require a CFA. I am debating if i should focus on the job at hand for now and then get back in June or just finish it in Dec.

material typically changes about 30% year to year. You gave the exam now, material is still quite fresh in your mind. If you want to, you can finish up the L1 exam in December, then give yourself till 2010 to give the L2 exam. I did the same. Gave June 2007, failed, passed in Dec’07 and now am sitting for June 09 after giving Jun 08 a miss. CP

I would do December.

If the CFA is important for you… December. It should be easier for you to recall concepts and it’s cheaper. I failed June too, but I’m already registered for Dec.

december dude! you will save $ and you know more now than you will in June. Trust me, you have 4 months to study.

Thanks for the encouragement. I have written some exams in my life and this one is the most daunting. I will give it a shot for Dec 2008