Dec. 2009: Viable Study Plan??

I started studying in May 2009 for the December exam (Level I obviously). Now, I wish I had started earlier. For the record, I am not married, no kids so can structure my time as needed. I do have a FT job (at least for now). Now that we are in June I am trying to formulate a disciplined plan. I probably should have given this more thought a month ago. There are 74 readings/chapters in the CFA Institute’s materials. To date I have completed 8 chapters/readings & completed the review questions for each chapter (all in FSA which is an area of weakness for me). The CFA Institute suggests leaving 4 to 6 weeks for practice tests/review before the exam. My goal is to be through ALL the CFAI materials by Oct. 9th so that I have a FULL 8 weeks for practice exams/review. So that ONLY leaves 66 chapters/readings to complete by Oct. 9th! There are 129 days until Oct. 9th. So I will have to complete about ONE chapter/reading every 2 days. Obviously, I’ll take some days off and have to double up on weekends to make up for days I take off. Does this sound like a viable plan???

Some readings are longer than others, but it seems like a fine average - aim for a study session per week.

I would take two weeks off the final study review time and structure periodic reviews during your initial study. If you have reviewed something that was refreshed during the course of study, it will likely help consolidate the information. Spending time to review what you’ve learned every month will pay off when it comes to final exam study imo. My advice is to plan for an additional month-end 2 or 3 day review session of the readings you’ve done. Otherwise, what you’ve planned seems doable. You might also want to consider a prep provider - the CFAI readings can sometimes be too lengthy.

Thanks for the input. All good suggestions. I am planning on enrolling in a university-sponsored in person review course which includes Schweser review materials. This is an “in-person” class on 11 Saturdays in late summer/fall.

That’s sounds great. I’ve never taken an in-person CFA class, but just from doing the self-study I know the shift in perspective will be beneficial. Good luck!

Isle - you seriously have ample of time, don’t worry. I started to study in January for this June exam and I had 7 weeks at the end to review

Get some study guides. The benefits far outweigh the costs

Thanks again to all for the input. CFA22: Yep, planning to get study guides. Sooner rather than later, it appears would be a good idea.

Highly recommend Schweser if cost is an issue. I got their study guides and haven’t even looked at the CFAI material except to check on things I was unsure about or discrepancies. Schweser is very readable and less expensive than Stalla.

Also, you’ve got all the time in the world. Just try to knock out a reading every couple days and be consistent about it. Also try to do problems after each reading. QBank is the best way to do that in my opinion, but the end of chapter questions in the CFAI books are also great supplements.