Dec 2010 Level 1 Dallas/Irving

Would like to form Study group with anyone in the DFW area for Level 1 Dec 2010. Please e-mail if interested. Thanks.

hi thr, i m from denton tx…giving my l1 in june… second attempt…how abt u…

Hey… im also registered for Dec 2010… But since im not in the states… u wanna do it over Skype? i need a study partner to stay motivated and stick to my schedules… let me know if ur enterested… then we can meet up at a predetermined time…

sure…whr r u from ???

rtxing, I just moved to the DFW area, been here for about 4 mos…First attempt was June 2004! Life, or some derivative of it, happened; and I am once again at this point! Have you began studying/what is your distance from Irving, TX and/or Lewisville, TX?

hi thr, i m 30 min drive from irving/ lewisville…i finished with econ, quant…currently doing fsa…how abt u ?

Hi, I am in Coppell and I am also registered for Dec 2010. Can we guys meet somewhere in Starbucks this weekend in Irving/lewisville or any convenient place near by. I plan to take the CFA-DFW Weekly CFA Review Course and Study Program in UTD which starts sometime in June.

I work right by Coppell, but I reside in Irving. I can meet this weekend, I have games/runs Sat and Sunday mornings. (Barrign the weather for the soccer games though) The Starbucks on MAcArthur off 114 is convenient- I have not touched the books yet, I have been massive training for races, recently injured overtraining (retarded)- I am sitting down to layout agenda for next 10 months. Can e-mail me at; I check the forum but once or twice a week currently, so my apologies for the delayed response. I am sure it will frequent to once/twice an hour as exam approaches :stuck_out_tongue: Noreen