DEC 2012 Candidates : Tell me your strategy

So, I registered for CFA level 1 Exam today…6 months to go…I will appreciate it if you can share your strategy for Dec 2012. I work full time, so what kind of hours you people are planning to put in

What material, you will be studying

Depends on the individual and how much of the curriculum you have covered previously at university/college.

CFAI reccommends 300 hours of study per level. I know some people who did more than 400 though just to make sure they passed.

  1. Advice for people from engineering background… (Regarding hours of study)

  2. Any reason to for schweser 2012 notes, if you can get old one (2011) from your friend or senior.


I am going to start sometime in July.

I just got my materials and I am going to slowly work into studying since I work and have 3 kids. Basically hit the areas I am comfortable in now and then hammer the remaining ones as I get closer but with enough time to do a comp. review near the end.

People sell review material on Ebay all the time if you want to go that route as well. Probably cheaper then y ou can buy direct.

shweser videos to start off each reading. read through shweser notes while following video. then pull out los’s within reading and define them in my own words without the reading on hand. (this will be 3 rounds of prep). the next morning i like to go over questions on the reading that I did the night before with a cup of coffee and some oatmeal. rinse lather repeat for around 3 months until i knock out the readings. then move on to practice exams and start mixing it up.