Dec. 2014 Exam- Minimum Passing Score (MPS)


No offense, but this is a pretty useless discussion topic. Nobody knows, nor nobody has ever known what the MPS is or what it will be. We may have anecdotes from about 50 people on this forum along with say 10-15 people you may personally know. Thus, we can make a guesstimation based on 65 people that took the exam and what they “believe” they got. There would be a ridiculous amount of sample bias in that group too. Therefore, I think we’d be better off getting a dart board and throwing darts at it to guess the MPS. Exam’s over, you either pass or fail and you’ll know in January. However, what you’ll never know or be able to ascertain is the MPS.

Good luck.

I thought I’d play around with some numbers to get an idea of the worst score someone has passed with.

There’s a post here that listed various marks people have passed with:

The worst one there was:

13. More than 70% in alternative investments, corporate finance, equity investments and portfolio management. 51% to 70% in economics and ethics. And less than 50% in derivatives, financial reporting analysis, fixed income and quantitative methods.

Now taking this at face value, I assumed the highest possible score for each category (i.e everything in the below 50% category I assumed got 49%, everything 50-70% was 69% and everything >70% was 100%). However as you can’t have a non-whole number of marks for a section, I rounded everything down to a whole number. This got me to 65.8% given the above assumptions.


I’ve never understood why people even bother to speculate about what the MPS is. You’re never going to know if you’re right or not. We all know that it’s somewhere around 70% so beyond that, who cares?

but as i understand, even that figure would be completely useless, as for all we know that was the hardest cfa exam ever administered, statistics wise, and so our minimum may be 70 something for all we know. just echoing the argument for not even wasting time thinking about this!

Out of curiosity I did the same calculation and got 161/240 questions = 67.1%. Using the 80/60/40 rule that I’ve seen advertised, the MPS would be 63.2 % based on #6

I predict 62.845%. This is the result of meticulously, well-thought-out, scientific analysis, and it cannot ever be wrong.

don’t listen to greeman, 48.1% of statistics are total BS.

My personal view is that the MPS is 66.7%

The MPS can further vary between sittings, as in the one that was valid for that exam might not be the one for December 2014 (though I imagine it’s probably not too different). In any case, it seems that somewhere in the mid-high 60s seems to be the cut off point.

The minimum passing score is 68.295702502424299527572%

Be done with it.

Unfortunately I’m pretty positive I got a 68.29570250242429952757 1%

Guess I’ll be seeing L1 in June again! :stuck_out_tongue:


Well, January will decide…Best of luck to everyone.


lol…January 27 is almost here, waiting patiently…

well then, you’ll def need to hacksaw thyself


Well, whatever the case may be; the MPS would have been decided.

All we are waiting for is dispatch to whom it may concern.

Best of luck once again.


June 2014 MPS seems to be around 63-65% based on my calculation, so lets wait for the result on Tuesday to have an idea of what Dec 2014 MPS was. cool

So close yet so farr!

Are there any candidates/past-charterholders who did really bad at Ethics (<50%), but yet managed to pass? Just curious!

Where are you getting that #?