Dec exam is within 3 weeks but still struggling

Been studying for the past 4 to 5 months already, went thru all the topics, but when i start doing the practice questions on the cfa study portal, my avg was like 50ish per chapter either i forgot the early materials i studied or just find it challeging. I did improve and learn how to tackle some questions but still not able to get 70% per chapter… and exam is in 19 days, feel like Im def going to fail. Not sure what should I do now besides keep doing questions. I studied with kaplan materials too.

Just do qBank and reverse engineer the process. Most of the numbers and formulas explain the concepts if you know the very very basics. I did like 3000 qBanks now I am just doing mocks and there are definitely questions I haven’t seen before, so I am mocking and reviewing scoring around 60-65% each time.(I’m scared as well) If I were you I’d do a new section each day and do at least 100 questions a day. Hope this helps.