Dec L1 Candidates - Perth WA

Any December L1 candidates out there from Perth???

I’m in Dublin, but I wish I was doing it in Perth. One of my favourite cities…

Oh my god, someone from Perth! Yes, I am in Perth. Taking exam in Sydney. So far, I have not been able to confirmed the exact venue with the CFA Institute. I am worried that I can’t get any accommodation in Sydney as hotel accommodation could be fully booked around Christmas. How’s your study going?

Ha I know, we are very few and far between! I am also taking the exam in Sydney, but have no idea where the exam is being held either. The exam is well before christmas so I didn’t think accommodation would be too much of an issue?? Study is progressing at a moderate pace as finding sufficient time for it is a challenge! I have been covering the study sessions by their curriculum order and am currently reading up on fixed income. Fixed income is looking a little tricky and I also found Quant and FRA challenging. I’m hoping to have all the readings done by early-mid October so I can use the remaining time for revision and mocks. How about you? What industry do you work in?

I think I am about the same pace as you, targeting to complete by early-mid Oct as well. Similarly I found FRA challenging. The toughest part I find is that I don’t seem to remember the formula after studying the reading and revisiting it one week later , probably forgetting it the moment I move onto the next reading :(. I am in the valuation field. How about you?

All the formulas are a little tricky to remeber, but the best way to get on top on them is to practice questions as you progress through the readings (and obviously during revision). Do you have Q Bank? Apparently the best way to nail Quant is to just practice. As far as FRA goes, I found cash flow statements (direct vs indirect calculations for CFO) and income taxes (DTAs & DTLs) not the easiest of topics. I’m an analyst for a property investment co. - valuations, acquisitions, feasibilities, etc. A group of us formed a CFA networking group in Perth and we catch up for drink roughly once a month. If you would like, flick me your email address and I will let you know when the next one is scheduled.

Thanks, Crozzo. I will definitely make use of QBank once I finish the cirruculum. What’s your approach - already started QBank? Is the CFA networking group mostly CFA Chartholders? Where do you guys meet for drinks?

My approach is to cover and understand the readings then test myself on the study session exams as I progress through each study session. That way you can apply the concepts you have covered in the readings which usually helps in retaining them. If you have time, completing the CFAI problems (which are usually a little more difficult) can prove worthy. The group consists of a fairly even combination of chartholders and candidates. We are catching up tomorrow evening at The George at 6pm. We do so on the third Thursday of each month. Hope to see you there!