Dec L1 Results - when in Jan do we receive?

Is it known when we will receive test results for Dec Level I? I know the CFA website says they’ll be available January 2009, but when will we find out specific dates? I want to make sure I’m on vacation when they come out. That way I can either celebrate on vacation or not care as much that I failed since I’ll be on vacation.

1st January 2009.

For the December 1, 2007 test, the results came out on January 23 (53 days). For the June 07, 2008 test, the results came out July 29 (52 days). This seems pretty consistent to me, so assuming 53 days of waiting, the results of the December 6, 2008 test will be available on January 28th. To be safe, you could take that week off and be pretty sure the results will come out during that time. But maybe 3 weeks before, CFA Institute will send an e-mail telling you the exact date and time the results will come out.

If one passes, its gonna be cutting it pretty close for L2.

Why wouldn’t you continue to study as if you passed? there is only ~5 mos - and a lot of overlap. I don’t think it would be very strategic to wait for results before studying. (I’m also saying this assuming that you’ll have access to study material for L2 other than the texts).

how are we supposed to do this? We can’t enroll for L II until we’ve passed L I. So if we pass (god willing) and register that day for lvl 2. by the time we get books… about 125-130 days to study. rough, but theres really no choice. I wish i’d gotten my act together to take LVL 1 in June though, Dec is my 1st attempt.

well i m lucky… i dont have that tension… bcoz i know i am going to fail for sure…@december

cmon December. you’ve still got time to get it together for december. positive attitude my friend.

december 2008 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > well i m lucky… i dont have that tension… > > bcoz i know i am going to fail for > sure…@december… I had your same attitude and I failed. Really, think positive and don’t tell yourself you’re going to fail. FYI, you could start today and pass; its nearly 3 months out!

i am very badly busy with my job…we have this builds going on…so every day I am going home @ 8-9PM… its really pissing me off… not getting time to study… still i go till 1 am…but i know this is not enough for cracking the exam…