DEC L1 Study Plan

Hey Guys,

I am enrolled for CFA Level 1 in Dec. My CFAI curriculum just arrived. I need guidance on how to start preparation. I want to give L2 next year and dont want to just pass L1 by notes and not know concepts which might be required in 4 months short time span for L2. Please guide me a schedule as to how to take my study plan. I am not yet employed, so will be studying full time.


Sheikh Danish Kamran

Read the whole curriculum, but stay sensitive to what is really tested. The LOS should help you with this. You do not need to start with Ethics. In fact, I would recommend you start with something that will spark your interest or a topic you think you’re weak at. The order doesn’t really matter so long as you make sure the material is fresh by exam day.

Know what matters. If you’re spending as much time on derivatives as you did on FRA (and you’re not a CA), then your marginal utility is close to its minimum.

Do the end of chapter exercises. They are similar to what you will be asked.

Make sure you revise previous readings before moving on to new ones.

There is a lot of material so maybe a calendar/rough schedule could help. Don’t be over-ambitious (eg. plan to finish a book/week) lest you fall short of your expectations early on. Instead, pace yourself slightly below/above your steady state (eg. not too stressful, but not too chill either). You don’t wanna sprint through 3000pages, but you don’t wanna stroll either. Jog it out. And, good luck.

Hello I am also studying for level 1 in december 2012, and planning for level 2 in june,

Same plan and ambitions , I was wondering if u would like to do group study with me If interested please mail me