December 2007 Candidates planning on June 2008 Level 2

Just wanted to jot down some thoughts and considerations that I have regarding level 2 prep for those who are waiting for December 2007 results. First of all, I am convinced that using Schweser should be strictly supplemental to the CFAI text. I am paranoid that CFAI will be more creative in terms of their exam questions being catered to exclude those who use Schweser as their sole method of studying. Actually, I don’t even plan on buying Schwser for level 2; maybe a practice exam book for end of April/May. As a result, something to think about is the large volume of CFAI text pgs. Here’s what I gathered from a guy posting his level 2 CFAI text on Ebay: Ethics, Quant, Econ 609 FSA 287 Corporate Finance 297 Asset Valuation & Equity 629 Fixed Income 317 Derivatives and PM 521 Total 2,660 Once I find out if I passed level 1 on 1/23, I have 19 weeks to study. My strategy for prep is 13/6. 13 weeks at 200pgs/week gets me through the 2600pgs of text. The remaining 6 weeks for practice exams and revisions. I can knock out half a week by reading SS1 of Ethics on the CFAI website the week prior to January 23rd. Hope you find this helpful. It will the toughest 19 weeks of my life but I think it should pay off.

Perhaps I’m wrong, but isn’t it pointless to purchase used CFAI materials for 2008? Namely that starting in 2008 the cost of registering for the exam includes the CFAI study materials. And they will have the current CBOK to boot. Might be worthwhile to consider buying used Schweser materials, as a supplement, though.

yeah, i was referring to the pages for each book.

I really hope that I passed…I’m not looking forward to the grind again and I feel like I forgot everything, but I’d much rather be studying for level 2 than level 1 again…

Hey i just needed to know if I’d be eligible to write level 2 if i passed level 1. I am still in my final year of undergrad. My last undergrad exam is in april. CFAI had sent me a letter saying that I need to send them some proof of my completed undergrad before i registered for level 2 ( ie. assuming i passed level 1 ) . Would some provisional certificate do in this case ? thanks

I have not yet decided to sit for L2 if I pass the CFA-L1 on 23rd. I have too many other things to worry about than knocking L2 in just 4 months time. But I’ll surely make up my mind once I see the result.

I don’t know either. We have a fiscal year end of 5/31 at my place of employment… and I am in financial reporting. My current situation isn’t conducive to studying diligently throughout May. However, I’m currently looking at other positions. Let’s see how I feel on 1/23.

dinesh, apcarlso, There is a good chance you will change your mind and decide to study for L2 this year when you find out about your results. I’d be really hard for me to wait for one more year.

If I end up passing I’m definitely going to sign up immediately for level 2. I don’t think I could wait a whole year. If I fail, I’ll probably wait a little bit and then get back into the grind of figuring out all the stuff I didn’t really know that well and retake level 1 in June. Giving up is for the weak.

I totally agree with Prossetti. If I pass, June level 2 all the way. I just don’t know if I should be looking over my Level 1 stuff or not…I’d rather wait and see my results, then start studying.

I agree as well… I was really burnt out in December and not looking forward to more study, and wasn’t planning to do L2 this year, but it’s amazing what a few weeks can do. I even bought some Schweser notes… bit of a gamble, just hope that was the right move.

I was thinking about it but I just can’t give in to purchasing notes unless I know that I passed. Every day that has passed since taking the test I have become more unsure about my results. Goodluck, hopefully buying them early pays off.

I took Dec 2006 level one and June 2007 level two… I’m taking three this summer… My advice if any one is interested is to get through these exams as fast as possible. If you are pretty young, you dont want your peers getting ahead of you… you want to get ahead and be the all star. Wait until you get results to register… you have plenty of time. You do not need to restudy anything from level 1 for level 2 so if you pass just throw those books in a closet. Note that level 2 is less material than level 1 and it is more interesting I thought (except for pensions and a few other things)… Anyways you have time just get er done and enjoy the time off for a couple more weeks.

Just keeping my fingers crossed. If I clear level 1, I am sure to sign up for level 2 in June. 9 more days…Lets do it guys!!!