december 2008 guys much confident you are as of now

As of now I am 99% sure that I am going to fail…just would like to know how you guys feeling?

Fail… it would not even be close.

Not confident now…but I am confident that I will be ready by Dec.

I’m confident I will pass.

frankly, i’d be scared if i felt ready to take the test now. that would mean having to retainin everything for 4 months. Right now the goal is to build a solid base of knowledge that can be built upon until exam day.

Well, I feel pretty good about it. I work and am in an evening MBA program, so that feeling might change once school starts back up. Still, after reviewing the material I was lucky enough to be quite familiar with most of the material and have finished 3 out of 5 books. As long as I can keep up the pace, I am fairly confident I can knock this off at my first attempt in Dec. Ofcourse, I am also pretty confident I am going to thoroughly fail level 2 in June. :wink:

Not much confident now need great guidance and leadership

confident as I have a finance degree and ***HOPEFULLY*** this will all be a huge review with new material, rather than having to learn all new info (save for ethics and GIPS that is, which ive already conquered!) BEST OF LUCK TO ALL!!

Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. Sir Winston Churchill British politician (1874 - 1965)

I am 100% confident that I should pass.

Very confident…Any other mindset and you’re doomed to fail…

My aim is to score >70% in every section. Try best to get every question right. I would consider myself “Fail”, if i could not achieve this. Although CFAI will declare me “Pass” otherwise.

on 5th December also i would be pretty sure that I am going to fail…:wink: right now I am 99% confident…at that I may be 80% confident…

I am 100% confident, that i will have enough time to fill all the bubbles

all the confident guys, how are you scoring on q bank?

Scoring in the mid-80s right now. This is the second time around, so the material at least looks familiar. You have to fight for every point on this exam.

confident that I would fail…guess I will have to suck it up for next few months…

I’m think I’m going to pass. I know exactly what where I need to focus, to push myself out of scoring band 10 and into the Pass zone. Fingers still crossed though.

KJH Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I’m confident I will pass. I am confident you will pass