December 2010 Role Call

Hey All, dbscholes writing out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I am starting my prep for CFA-L1 December 2010. Who’s in here with me? I’m curious to know who’s already started, study plans, random thoughts… After looking over the curriculum and schweser notes I don’t see any reason to jump around. I am going to start at the beginning and work my way through each reading. I’ve mapped out each Study Session until November giving me roughly a month of review time. I anticipate FRA to be the trickiest subject for me as I have limited exposure to that type of material academically or professionally.

Hi, dbscholes, I am your fellow passenger. I’ve studied some months ago but with the slow pace as my weakness is the very limited time. Now I’ve spent around 1.5 hour per day for studying. I did finish the 1st reading (not in details, just generally). FRA is so far not my trouble. Let’s raise any question for discussion for mutual study. Cheers. Trang Dang

I am planning to sit in the Dec Level 1 test. I have read a couple of chapters on FRA and now going through Quant. I am planning to dedicate atleast 1 hour daily towards study and then step it up slowly.

I am planning for Dec2010 too… Just browsed through Eco… Have no experience in Finance, FRA looks real crazy.

prabir2001 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I am planning for Dec2010 too… Just browsed > through Eco… Have no experience in Finance, FRA > looks real crazy. It’s not, just a lot of memorization.

Nothing in the L1 Curriculum is all that crazy, its just a boat load of memorization. Glad to have some fellow L1ers writing in December with me. I am starting with Ethics tonight!!

Honestly, don’t start with ethics. You’ll forget it all come Dec

Interesting. What would you suggest nick?

Quant and FRA

Dec 10 candidate. doing quant.progress is SLOW. FRA looks intimidating.

Thanks nick, I’m looking at Quant right now. I think i’ll start with that but i’m not to sure right now. Confused2010, what part of quant are you on?

Reading 8.

Registered to write the exam in December. I’m done with Econ. Halfway through Quant.

How many mocks are you guys going to take?

wow. some of us have really good pace here and ahead in game. When are you guys planning to finish the first reading and start revision?

Just to be clear, I did not include myself in that :slight_smile: statement as I work on a slow pace.

@Allegra: I’ll worry about the mocks in October/November. I’ll wait for feedback from those who pass the exam this June before deciding. @msk: I want to be done with all the videos, reading the study notes and getting a good number of practice questions under my belt by mid-October.

Got some second-hand 2010 Schweser Notes. I’m going to start studying next Monday. Recent Economics Major (and practically an Accounting minor), glanced at FAR and Econ, and it didn’t seem too bad. Quant looks tricky, and Corp. Finance was a weak spot for me in college but almost everything has been more or less review. Not to sound too cocky but, looking at the material, I think I could probably swing 50-60% (minus Ethics) walking into this exam tomorrow. I think Level 1 should be pretty smooth sailing. I’m not sure if I’ll EVER get past Level 2 or 3 though… The plan: 2 hours a day/ 5 days a week in the summer 3 hours a day/6 days a week in the fall Probably overkill, but I already have no life, so it’s really not interfering with anything…

I’m planning on finishing with a little over a month left to do review. I plan on completing weekly reviews with qbank. I have 8 practice exams/mocks I plan on completing, plus the BSAS mock so I am pretty set in that department. @amalj - how do you find the videos with your preparation? Do they help reinforce concepts or do you use them to introduce them and then read the material? @volante99 - Sounds like a pretty solid study plan. I two have a background in economics and finance, although i’m not looking past this exam. Given the weights and what I believe are my strengths I think I will focus more on FRA and possibly portfolio management. The rest is indeed a review of some part of a commerce degree.

@dbscholes: I am using Elan Guides. They recommend going over the videos before reading the chapter from their notes. It’s working very well so far. The videos are very detailed and the notes are very well-organized and easy to understand.