December 2010 Study Group Boston or West of the City

Decided I need to finally buckle down and do this… started a long time ago and never took it too seriously. Member of the BSAS and have a lot of industry experience. Attended the Annual CFA Conference this year and know you just have to have it. Wondering if there are any folks in Boston or West of the City who would like to have a study/support group for the December exam? Goal - keep each other motivated, work through any difficult areas, and for me stay on a real schedule. Slow and steady… Let me know, I’m hoping to get the books in the next few weeks and do some serious reading in July and would like to be on a regular schedule by the beginning of August. Determined to pass this time!

Hi my name is Faisal and i am taking the exam in dec 2010. If you want we can start a study group. I work sundays to thursdays, therefore, i will be only available on fridays and saturdays. I received my books 2 days ago and i am ready to roll. Starting with economics and ending with ethics. I am aiming for at least 15-20 hours a week, so that i am done with the material a month before. you can email me at

I’ll be in Cambridge! I might be able to join you guys depending if I pass LVL1 this June or not.