December and June Passers

I am curious, how many of you guys took Level 1 in December and then passed Level 2 in June?

Passed L1 in Dec 2008, and L2 in June 2009.

me too

They just keep getting younger and smarter

good point. It doesn’t mean jack (esp. if you fail LIII)

I’m still on track. Even think it is easier to do it December/June. Now after Level II I took a huge break and never got in the study mood again. At the moment I don’t really care about Level III and am way under prepared. Still fancy my chances but for L1 and L2 I was far more motivated and able to study, partly because you could do L2 within 6 months. If I had to do L3 last December (if only that was possible) I would have passed, at least the chance was way bigger than it is now… Now I just want this to be over with but I am too lazy to put in the time to accomplish it :frowning:

I did. Lots of poeple do it, there are advantages (stuff still fresh in your head, didn’t get too far out of study mode, etc) but it was really really intense, constantly staving off burnout, and all that. If you can pass Level II, you can pass it in 4 months, but it’s a grind.

I did both as well… at first it seemed like there would be no way I would get through all the material since you basically start at the end of January when results come out (or at least I did), so that gives you a short month of february, plus march april and may to study… I also wanted to finish everything by end of April to have a full month of review… It is tough, but when I finished I looked back and though I had plenty of time to at least get through the material… but you certainly have to seriously buckle down and put in the time…

+1 Dec 08, June 09 - hoping to go 3 for 3.